Modomation has deep experience in the following areas.
  • Retail

    Modomation recognizes and understands what every retailer faces on a daily basis.

  • Healthcare

    Keep patients safe and your institution focused on what it does best.

  • Senior Living

    We’ll help you help keep residents safe so you can focus on improving their overall health.

  • Self-Storage

    Keep customers and their personal belongings well secured and safe.

  • Cannabis

    Our goal is to help you meet your growth and distribution facilities requirements.

  • Office/Corporate

    We can help design, install, and maintain a security system that protects.

  • Restaurants

    We can help you better secure your business with the design and installation.

  • Multi-Location Businesses

    If you have multiple locations, you’re going to want to make sure all of them are secure.

  • Residential

    We’re committed to providing you with a customized, one-stop, security solution.